Aker ASA


Om Aker ASA

Since its establishment in 1841, Aker has been a driving force for the development of internationally focused, knowledge-based industry in Norway.

 Aker ASA is an industrial investment company that exercises active ownership to create value. Aker combines industrial expertise with competence of M&A’s, the capital markets and financial strength. Aker is the largest shareholder in eight companies listed on Oslo Stock Exchange: Aker BP, Aker Solutions, Akastor, Kværner, Ocean Yield, American Shipping Company, Philly Shipyard and Solstad Farstad.  In its capacity as owner, Aker helps to develop and strengthen the companies in its portfolio of industrial holdings and financial investments.

Every investment is monitored by Aker’s management with the support of a dedicated investment team. Aker works to drive forward strategy development, operational improvements, financing, restructuring and transactions.

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