Nordisk Skibsrederforening


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Om Nordisk Skibsrederforening

Nordisk Skibsrederforening, also known as Nordisk (“Nordisk”), is a mutual association that provides legal advice and assistance to shipowning/-
operating members in connection with questions of maritime legal nature that arises out of the members’ business activities. Nordisk has offi ces in Oslo and Singapore and acts like a separate law-fi rm for the handling of legal cases, both towards the member or client in question
and in relation to the outside world, like opposing parties and arbitrators. At year-end 2017, 2.550 vessels where entered with Nordisk by its 190 members.

The members of Nordisk are also members of the Northern Shipowners Defence Club (NSDC”), which is a mutual freight, demurrage and defence club. NSDC represents an additional capital base for legal costs to be covered on behalf of the members.

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