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The bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow was created for a single reason: to help make mums and babies happier by keeping them more comfortable. We do this through a simple but powerful idea: a pillow that helps mother and baby sit, lie and sleep comfortably throughout pregnancy and early childhood. The company is built on our Scandinavian values and medical professional experience from chiropractors. bbhugme was created by three chiropractors from Norway, Hilde, Ann Kristin and Elisabeth, who shared a deep interest in caring for pregnant women, moms and babies. They saw many teary, sleep-deprived women who were suffering from pelvic and back pain before, during and after pregnancy. The three realized that the women needed even more support and care – a long-lasting, take-home solution that could support them beyond the care they got at the clinics. This was the origin of the bbhugme pillow. A better pillow The three chiropractors worked with designers to develop a unique pillow that mothers could properly count on for support. The pillow evolved from focusing on the details that matters. The optimal shape, filled with a specific type of mircobeads, gives provides sturdy, but flexible support for every body type. After the launch in 2013, bbhugme has won several awards in Norway and UK.

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