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Om Norwegian Oil Trading AS

Hesnes Group is a Norwegian, family-owned company that is active in the fields of shipbroking, bunker broking, ship owning, and investment in real estate and financial assets.

One of our daughter companies, Norwegian Oil Trading, is one of the largest independent bunker brokers in Northern Europe.

Norwegian Oil Trading is well known as a global provider of comprehensive bunker brokerage to the marine industry and works with some of the leading ship owners and operators around the world. More than 50 years in the international bunker industry gives a solid track record and reputation in the market. Norwegian Oil Trading has a global presence with offices in Norway and Singapore in addition to a representative office in Miami.

To further strengthen Norwegian Oil Trading’s market presence, and to meet the ongoing “green shift” for the shipping and bunker industry, we are seeking a talented and motivated new member of our team in Norway.


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