Marketing Director

11. februar 2019
4. mars 2019
Kjetil Haug-Nodeland 91167703, Bjørn Håkon Bærug 97075941
Leder, Spesialist

Norske Skog is a global producer of newspaper and magazine paper. Norske Skog Saugbrugs AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norske Skog Group. The company was founded in 1859 - celebrating 160 years this year - and became part of Norske Skog in 1989. 

Norske Skog Saugbrugs has a long tradition and high competence in making SC (super calendered) paper for the international market and today one of the largest and most modern production units of SC paper in the world. 

The company is located in Halden and has approx. 450 employees and an annual turnover of approx. NOK 2.3 billion. Norske Skog Saugbrugs produces and delivers just over 450,000 tonnes of SC magazine paper per year. Main markets are Europe and the United States and customers are printers, publishers of magazines and retailers. Typical products are catalogues, magazines and advertising for retail sales.

Marketing Director

The position of Marketing Director has a clear commercial focus with the overall responsibility including sales, marketing, profitability analysis, SOP and to maintain and develop the company’s strategic position. 

Further, the responsibility involves contributing with expertise in various projects and improvement activities. The role also holds responsibility for the logistics department.

The Marketing Director reports to the Managing Director. 


  • Value management / customer and product optimization to maximize profitability potential in terms of product and customer mix. Profitability analyzes of customers and products
  • Prepare and continuously develop Norske Skog Saugbrugs strategic sales- and marketing plan
  • Support and follow up the sales HUB network through Go to Market strategy, with meetings and through customer contact and first level support (FLS). Support the NewCap process (i.e. new customers)
  • Lead and determine price, volume, contract length, credit risk and credit size
  • Decision on opportunities presented by sales hubs, distributors and agents
  • Responsible for the optimization and improvement of the Logistics Department
  • Responsible for the SOP for the sales force and internal organization
  • Responsibility for product development through the development of existing portfolio and / or new products through internal and central organization. FLS force education and support
  • Responsibility to ensure that the sales organization receives marketing material such as newsletter and product advertising, in accordance with Norske Skog Europe's continuous improvement requirements
  • Lead Norske Skog Saugbrugs Technical Customer Service including quality and claim management, as well as regular technical support, to ensure competitive product quality and engagement
  • Manage marketing intelligence on customers, competitors and global supply & demand of paper quality
  • Operating plan in collaboration with plant management
  • In addition, perform the tasks that are considered appropriate to attach to this position.

Educational background 

  • Education at university / college level, including graduate courses of sales and/or marketing
  • Master of Business Administration or a Master in relevant field is an advantage
  • Specialization in one or more relevant disciplines is desirable. 


  • A minimum of 10+ years of experience in international sales and/or marketing
  • Documented good technical/b2b sales results
  • Proven results from similar positions with managerial responsibility
  • In-depth knowledge of industrial activities
  • Experience from similar industries (i.e. processing plants) is an advantage

Personal characteristics

  • Strong business understanding
  • Solid acquisition and negotiating skills
  • Good analytical skills 
  • A solid communicator
  • Goals and results-oriented
  • Good language skills, especially in the Group's working language English, and German and / or French

Travelling:     50+ days of travel can be expected 

Location:     The position will require a minimum of 3 days in Halden

For questions regarding the role, please contact Managing Partner at Boyden Norway, Kjetil Haug-Nodeland at +47 91 16 77 03 or Partner Bjørn Håkon Bærug 
at +47 97 07 59 41

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