Chief Executive Officer

15. oktober 2020
31. oktober 2020
Dag Vevatne, 91656111, Christian Heiberg, 99298574

Om Stillingen

Fjord Line is a modern and innovative ferry company that has experienced strong growth, both in operational, commercial and financial performance. The positive development is a result of strategic investments, new tonnage, and new routes coupled with increased knowledge about customers, focus on travel products and services for both passengers and freight customers. Fjord Line focuses on optimization, professionalization, and digitalization of the company throughout the value chain and customer journey.

Our new CEO should have the capacity to handle a wide array of tasks. A continuously changing marketplace and customer demands challenges current business models, and the CEO should set ambitions and direction for the company, question the status quo and explore new paths of development. Ability to drive implementation of strategic, commercial and operational initiatives and ensuring that sustainability becomes an integral part of Fjord Lines strategy and culture are important focus areas.

Fjord Line is organized with functions supporting all the five routes and the organization is placed across multiple locations. The CEO needs to have sound understanding of what the company needs of competence and tools to deliver on agreed objectives as well as the skill to motivate and further develop a well-performing organization.

We are looking for a strategic, result-oriented and engaged CEO with broad leadership experience from top management positions in larger B2C companies. Excellent communication skills and ability to build sound relations both internally and externally are key factors to succeed in the role. Full proficiency in English in addition to fluency in a Scandinavian language is required.

Office location is Egersund, Norway, presence, and travel to other locations (Bergen, Hirtshals and Sandefjord) is expected.

Further enquiries can be made to by Dag Vevatne, +47 916 56 111 or Christian Heiberg, +47 992 98 574. All enquiries are treated in confidence, also towards our client in the initial phase, if requested. Please submit application and CV as soon as possible, and not later than 31. October 2020.

Om virksomheten

Fjord Line has four ships operating five routes between Norway, Sweden and Denmark, through which the company transport commercial vehicles and goods in addition to passenger traffic. Fjord Line operates one of the youngest and most modern fleets in the cruise ferry segment in Europe. All new vessels built with environmental friendliness as a key aspect. Fjord Line was the first ferry company in Europe to supply its ships with LNG, demonstrating the company`s innovative, agile, and bold market approach. In 2021, Fjord Line will deploy a new catamaran on the Kristiansand and Hirtshals route that doubles the capacity, with better comfort, more departures, and a longer season.

The Group’s revenue arises from three main business areas. Travel, which consists of ticket sales from transport-, cruise-, group-, package-, and conference passengers. Onboard Services, the commercial operations onboard the vessels with retail and food & beverage revenues.  Finally, Freight with transportation of trucks, trailers, articulated vehicles, specialized or out-sized cargo and on-deck shipments, as well as from forwarding services.

The company is headquartered in Egersund, and has offices at all its ports in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. In 2019 the company employed around 650 employees, transported more than 1.4 million passengers, and had a turnover of NOK 1.6 billion.

Fjord Line is owned by the family-owned investment companies Kontrari/Kontrazi (52,2%) and Ferd (44,6%).