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Chief Operating Officer

Altibox Carrier
11. August 2024

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IT / Tech, Telekommunikasjon


Altibox Carrier is a key provider of fiber connectivity between Europe and Norway enabling global business to relocate their operations to Norway. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, they empower businesses and communities through cutting-edge technology.

Since 2012, Altibox Carrier has established a high-capacity digital highway connecting Norway to Europe. Their infrastructure allows international service providers, data centre providers and hyperscalers to benefit from Norway’s unique efficiency, sustainability, and cost advantages.

Altibox Carrier is seeking a dynamic and strategic Chief Operating Officer (COO) to join their executive team. Reporting to the CEO and being part of the Altibox Carrier leadership group, the COO will drive operational excellence, oversee daily operations, and ensure seamless service delivery. This role is pivotal for managing growth, operations, and risk. This is a unique opportunity to influence the future of a fast-growing company at the forefront of the industry.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and execute strategies for efficient and robust operations, ensuring effective delivery of services in accordance with SLA requirements.
  • Lead the contracts team, oversee contract management, and ensure quality assurance for all contracts and deliveries.
  • Responsible for operational risk management and implementing mitigation measures.
  • Ensure effective use and development of business processes, tools, and system support.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and excellence throughout the organization and define and anchor OKRs/KPIs to achieve business goals and continuous imrpocement.
  • Collaborate closely with the CEO and other key members to set strategic goals and drive business growth.
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations, standards, and best practices.


  • Demonstrated experience in operational management, process improvement, and change management.
  • Experience from an operational leadership role in data/IT service production, handling demanding customer requirements, support, and customer perspective understanding.
  • Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, with a track record of driving operational success.
  • Excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, with the ability to inspire and motivate teams.
  • Demonstrated expertise in operational management, process improvement, and change management.
  • In-depth knowledge of industry trends, regulations, and emerging technologies.
  • Exceptional communication and negotiation abilities.
  • Relevant educational background, preferably in engineering combined with business administration.

At Altibox Carrier you will be part of a visionary company with dedicated and highly competent team transforming the telecommunications landscape. Enjoy a collaborative and innovative work environment that values creativity and excellence with ample opportunities for professional growth. You will contribute to impactful projects and that make a difference in communities and businesses worldwide. Office location is Stavanger.

Interested? Please contact Visindi by Dag Vevatne, + 47 916 56 111, Øyvind Svenning, +47 932 61 086 or Siv Tone Hilde-Larsen, +47 916 56 109 if you have any questions. All enquiries are treated in confidence, also towards our client in the initial phase of the process if requested. Please submit your application and CV as soon as possible and no later than 11. August 2024.


Dag Vevatne
+47 916 56 111

Øyvind Svenning
Senior adviser
+47 932 61 086

Siv Tone Hilde-Larsen
Partner/ Manager, Visindi Stavanger
+47 916 56 109

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Altibox Carrier is a daughter company in the Lyse Energy Group, with roots going back to the beginning of the 1900s, when the first electricity plants were established in Norway. More than a hundred years of experience with pulling cables in one of the most difficult mountainous landscapes on earth lies behind their ability to manage complex projects within the field of deploying fibre infrastructure of excellent quality. Today, they are proud to say that some of the world’s most demanding customers have chosen to use their infrastructure.

Altibox Carrier offers a full range of services – from providing access to existing infrastructure to building new infrastructure to customer’s needs.  The company owns and operates one of Norway’s largest fibre-optic networks, extending across 30,000+ kilometers Enterprises and data centers. Their cable system opens a new digital highways to and from the Nordics, with transport speeds of up to 800G and with 20 to 34 terabits of capacity per fibre pair.

Altibox’s two wholly owned subsea cables stretch between Stavanger and Oslo in Norway and Newcastle in the UK (the NO–UK cable), and from Larvik in Norway to Hamburg in Germany (the Skogenfiber cable). The Altibox carrier network, including its large metro network in Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger, connects major sites across Northern Europe (including Hamburg, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, London and Dublin).

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